XTC 선배님들 안녕하세요! 🙂

So, we are all crossing our fingers and hoping that all of our cool sunbaenims still look at this blog, so, for those who still do… drumroll please~! ^^


We are the new staff of EGO for the upcoming 2009-2010, and we have decided that we really all need to get to know our XTC sunbaenims a little better.  🙂 As such, we thought it’d be a good idea to first introduce ourselves, so that you all can get a better idea of who the new staff is and how we all look like. ^^ We are all very excited to be part of the new staff and really do wish to get to know all of our sunbaenims for this coming year! ;] Please look after us, support us, shower us with your love and guidance, and we promise we all will do our very best to continue and preserve all that you have given us through EGO! 얼씨고! ^^

Jina 수진 Youn!


Hi XTC! My name is Jina Soojin Youn and I am the EGO DeCal coordinator for 2009-10. I will be a fourth year Art major and my hobbies include playing, singing, and making music, sports with friends, and eating :]. I hope to make the DeCal as culturally informative and fun as possible for the students and/or EGO-members-to-be. Yay for Wednesday nights! 😀

Kyoung Soo 경수 Han!

TREASURER: Kyoungsoo 경수 Han

안녕하세요 선배님들. 저는 곧 2학년 올라가는 한경수라고 합니다.
어쩌다 보니 제가 이고 재정을 맡게 되었네요. 후덜덜…
비록 돈관리 밑 기타 스태프로써의 리더쉽 면에서 조금 부족하긴 하지만
저 역시 노력할거고 다른 스태프들과 같이 협동해서 잘 해낼거라고 믿습니다.
스태프가 됨으로써 XTC 형 누나들,
그리고 내년 이고 스태프와 맴버들과 더욱 더 어울렸으면 좋겠구요,
더욱 더 많은 신입생들이 이고를 들어오고 즐겼으면 좋겠어요.
이것들이 작고 소박하지만 제 내년 이고 스태프로써의 바램이구요!
지금은 아직 버클리에서 첫해라 많은 사람들을 아직 모르는데
스태프 활동하면서 XTC 형 누나들과도 친해졌으면 좋겠네요.
이고 간지간지! XTC 도 간지간지! 에헤헤ㅔ헤헤ㅔㅔ 얼씨고~

Henry 희상 Yang!

SECRETARY: Henry 희상 Yang

Hello XTC people, this is Henry Heesang Yang and I am the new secretary of EGO for 2009-2010. I am majoring in Architecture possibly minor in Korean and psychology. I am a big fan of sleeping and napping. Also I consider myself as a heavy drinker and a party animal. I am either in studio or at the house parties. My main goal for EGO this year is making more members to be an active member so that EGO has a lot of skillful and strong players for the performances. It is my duty to establish strong connection not only among us but also between you guys and us. I will do my best to accomplish this. If you guys see anything wrong, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please help our staff and me in order to make a better club. Thank you.

Eric 재호 Choi


Hello XTC! My name is Eric Jaeho Choi, currently a second year turning third year double majoring in Integrative Biology and Psychology. Some hobbies of mine include, video games, snowboarding, playing tennis, and reading. I am to be EGO’s vice-president for the years 2009-2010. My goals for EGO are to increase transparency as well as the number of members we have. We as staff of EGO wish to make closer bonds among EGOists, other Korean organizations and XTC as well. We look forward to XTC’s support and your appearance in any of our events whether it be EGO related or not. Please, look forward to this year’s EGO, for we will make all of you proud. Please, expect the best EGO you’ve seen. We know we have big shoes to fill, and hopefully we’ll be able to fill them with guidance from the past staff and from XTC. Hope to see you around!

Eric Jaeho Choi

Sun 경선 Lim!

SANGSWAE: Sun 경선 Lim

안녕하세요, 선배님들! 저는 내년 이고의 상쇠가 된 임경선이고, 영어이름은 Sun 입니다~ Microbial Biology를 전공하고 있고요, 내년이면 Cal에서 마지막 해를 보냅니다.

저는 1학년때 처음 이고 오리엔테이션에서 사물놀이를 보고 반하게 되어.. 그 이후로 엠티와 디캘을 참여하면서 이고에 푸욱 중독이 되어버렸죠 ㅋㅋ

물론 술을 즐기기도 하지만 저는 뒷풀이때 사람들 술먹이는걸 좋아하구요. 술을 마시면 항상.. 좀 다른사람들보다는 일찍 자는경향이 있습니다.. 술을 마시고 시계를 봤을때 늦으면 싶다고 느낄때 잠이 드는것정도? ㅋㅋㅋ 예전 회장님이셨던 양호오빠와 비슷한
행동이지만… 양말은 벗지않습니다 🙂

제가 그전 상쇠님들보다는 많이 실력이 부족하지만,선배들께서 주시는 많은 사랑과 서포트로 열심히 노력해서 멤버들은 잘 리드해서 좋은공연 할수있도록 하겠습니다! 지켜봐주세용! >_<

Hello, sun-baes! 😀 My name is Gyeong-Sun (Sun) Lim, and it’s going to be my last year in Cal next year. I am majoring in Microbial Biology, and I will be EGO’s Sang-swe for the 2009-2010. I like to make people drink at duit-pulees, even though I fall sleep all the time while at the duitpulees (just like yang-ho oppa, hahahaha~). I love to hang out with people 🙂 I am not skillful like other former sang-swes, but I will try my best to lead the performances and try to teach our members. 실망시켜드리지 않을게요! 열심히 지켜봐주세요~ >_<

Maria 나연 Kim!

PRESIDENT: Maria 나연 Kim

Hello XTC! My name is Maria (NY) Kim, a soon-to-be third year double majoring in Public Health and IB, and I will be EGO’s president for the 2009-2010. I myself enjoy doodling and sleeping, as well as hanging out with our cool EGOists. ;] My main goals for EGO this year are to increase campus publicity, promote club community, and develop a stronger bond with XTC for the upcoming year. Hopefully, these will all be accomplished with the help of XTC’s love and support and, as a result, I’m sure EGO will flourish into a club that you all have yet to expect! As for myself, since I’m only an inexperienced third-year, I know I will need a lot of guidance from you all, so please look after me! I really hope that I will get a chance to meet you all! >_< !! 잘부탁드립니다!! \o/ 얼씨고~~!


Please please contact us when you are in town! Even if it may only be for a couple of days! One day! Our staff email is ego.staff@lists.berkeley.edu, so just hit us up cause we know we really would like to get to know you all. 🙂

사랑 많이많이 해주세욤! ^^

Best wishes and cheers from Cal,
EGO Staff ♥


We had a meeting on June 5th at KangNam.

I think it was the biggest XTC meeting in Korea!!  I don’t remember exactly who were there, but I have a few pictures taken with my phone and I will share it with you. 


Sunmin nuna was here too!!  and Boyoung got those flowers from Junkyu hyung.  I felt like I have a lot to learn from him.. -.-a

another picture of Bo expressing happiness with the flowers~


Our next meeting is likely to be on July 4th, when Boyoung gets married!!   I’m hoping to see Minho & Yangho too..  Have a nice day, everyone.

리즈언니 결혼식!

이번 메시지는 XTC 한국지부에 해당하는 내용이니 한글로 🙂

KYCC의 기둥이었던 리즈언니가 드디어 25일 결혼식을 올리십니다. 저는 한 한달전에 만났는데, 이고사람들 한국에 있다니까 꼭 다같이 오라고 초청하시더군요.

일시: 2009년 4월 25일 토요일 정오 12시
장소: 돈암웨딩문화원 4층
서울시 성북구 동소문동 4가 75-2번지

지하철:4호선 한성대입구역 (7번출구) 혹은 성신여대 입구역 (4번출구)
버스: 삼선교 (한성대입구) 하차. 101, 102, 104, 106, 107, 108, 109, 140, 143, 149, 150, 151, 160, 161, 162, 171, 172, 272, 273

돈암웨딩문화원: 지하주차장
외환은행 (동도빌딩): 지상 주차장 (1시간 30분 무료)

식은 12시에 시작해서 후딱 끝나는데, 피로연이 저녁 7시정도에 있는 듯. 가실 수 있는분들 같이 모여서 가자고요~. 여기다 메시지 남겨 주삼.

ILHO, Soon a Father

Hello all XTCers.

I guess all of your eyes are already widened from the title of this post.  Yes, I’m becoming a father, sometime in November of this year.  Like all life changing events that’s about to happen, I am not really feeling sense of reality that I’m gonna be a father, but yes it is going to happen soon.  It’s kinda funny though cause most you never even met my wife but next time you see me I’ll be holding a baby. 

 Anyway~ I already got many congrats from my colleagues and another funny thing is every female colleague gave nothing but just congrats, but many male colleagues gave congrats with various types of concern such as sleepless nights, pressure as a father, etc.  I guess I’ll be even more disconnected from the world when I have my son or daughter to take care of so these days I’m trying to see all of my friends when I can.   It’s fortunate that Liz noona’s wedding is coming soon.  I can’t wait to see her in wedding gown and all of you there!

One more thing.  Somehow I tend to post shocking news once in a while just right after elisa post something, ending up people not noticing elisa’s post, and I’m not going to let that happen this time.  Oh, I just realize there is another post below this post reading EGO is having their Spring Performance.  People, there are two more new posts below this.  Elisa seems eager to abuse her liver and EGO is about to bring best Spring Performance ever!!!  Help them out~~  I really wish I can. 🙂

 Cherry Blossom is fantastic in Korea right now.  I hope all of your life is spring season all the time.  Miss you all.

poster finished

Hi all xtc sunbaenims,

First to introduce myself, my name is Minjung Baik, 4th year, majoring in political science, and I am the president of EGO this year (soon to be ex-president haha).  I made this account since fall semester but haven’t had a chance… or I was being overwhelmed with EGO work that this is the first time posting a thread.  =(   EGO this year has almost come to an end with our annual performance this April.  We have worked and are working very hard to put up a good show.  I would like to invite ALL the SUNBAENIMs to our performance.  I really should’ve sent out an email or posted a thread much much sooner… But PLEASE PLEASE come out to our performance and show us love and support!!



Annual Spring Performance 2009

by EGO, Cal’s Korean Traditional Drumming Group

Saturday, April 25, 2009 @ 4PM

@ Lower Sproul

FREE Outdoor Showcase of

Korean Trad. & fusion Drumming




Thank you,



hello? hello?

is anyone out there?

well, if you ARE out there and still reading this blog intermittently, i’m writing to tell you bay area EGOers that I’ll be in san francisco/oakland for 2 weekends in May/June. So, I’d love to see/eat/drink with you in between my meetings and rehearsals if you have time!

I’ll be a VERY happy soul by then, having finished my first year of law school and aged about 10 years (but don’t tell me I look it) – so basically I’ll be in great spirits and looking forward to filling my under-used, un-loved, under-appreciated liver while I’m there. 🙂

as for XTC Korea … have a blast at liz’s wedding (did it happen yet??) and at boyoung’s wedding (those of you who’ll attend) and post some pictures!

oh, and I thought some of you would be pretty amused to hear that i SOMEHOW ended up on the KALSA board for next year. KALSA = korean american law students association. the amusing part is that KALSA is made up of many korean ahjushis (from korea) who are doing their LLM studies in the US. hahaha – there may be a bit of a language barrier…to say the least.

during yesterday’s ’09-’10 EGO staff nominations…

minjung, the current president: “any nominations for next year’s sangswe?”

some freshman, in a very serious tone: “kent.”