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For those who missed the part 1 of Sunmin’s evolutionary journey, click here 

 sunmin singing

So, where was I.   Oh, yeah, fall of 2000. 

With the inception of EGO, Sunmin reached the evolutionary pinacle of her potential. She drumed the drums, sang the songs, dance the dances, and then some.

(See below Sunmin at her peak, flying high: yeah~~ you thought sky was the limit, but in reality, it was your magic broom.  what did you expect with green plastic flying broom.  You gotta have Harry’s Firebolt at least!)

sunmin flying

Since the graduation in 2002 (I think), Sunmin took on a nomadic life, searching for the meaning of life in three spiritual capitals of this planet, namely

1) Emeryville, CA (such boring city) 

2) Yong-In, South Korea (man, there’s nothing to do over there)  and

3) Boston, MA (hella cold and hella hot)

What she has learned, only the history will tell.

 In conclusion, (more…)


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김민겸. 82년생 남자. 줄여서 자칭타칭 kmk.


2003-04 이고 회장이자 상쇠.
그전에는 쇠를 칠 줄 몰랐지만 회장이 되기 전 여름, LA에서 모인 UC 풍물패 조인트 MT에서 조낸 연습한 뒤로 쇠의 달인이 되어 ‘짠’하고 나타났다는 듯.


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Sunmin Ahn (part 1)

Evolution of Sunmin Ahn

Sunmin in prehistoric timesEvolution,

On the contrary to the general belief, does not happen gradually over time. 

There is a point in time and place where a specie morphs into something radically different that makes it stronger, smarter, crazier, or more interesting. 

In case of Sunmin Ahn, historians agree that there were several events in late 1990’s and early 2000’s marking occurance of such evolutionary marks.

Yes Indeed.

Spring of 1998 – Sunmin meets KYCC

: An eye-witness recalls the first time when Sunmin stepped into the door of KYCC in Oakland.  “This girl with puffy hair jumped into KYCC and start grabbing a buk nearby.  Then she went nuts!  Pounding that pour leather thingy like it’s her arch-nemesis!” 

It is worth noting that her trademark, “Crazy Drumming Girl,” character came into full blossom with this incidence.

Spring of 1998 – Sunmin meets Andrew Kim, the greatest and most complete human being ever. (ehem)

: No need for any further explanation.  Your life is not complete without meeting Andrew.

Fall of 2000 – Foundation of Ego

: Sunmin transforms from a careless drummer into a crazy leader that she is now.  An eye-witness describes the transition.  “Well, I’ve never seen her do so much work for something before.  I mean.. you have to understand.. We never went to classes and stuff….”

It was Ego that made her into a “Big Mama” figure.  What a change.

 (To be Continued)

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Minho Kim

minho and the dog for real5 things you need to know about Minho Kim:

1. Every sangswe has a “swe face.” This face occurs when the swe player focuses so intensely on playing his/her kkwenggari that involuntary facial muscles often begin to spasm. Minho’s “swe face” is the best face I’ve ever seen in my years of pungmul. It looks like he’s making out with air.

2. That dog in the picture is like 15 years old, and is probably already dead inside. (OK, I know that wasn’t about Minho but still…)

3. According to urban legend, Minho wrote and recited a 10-page essay (exact number of pages unknown) on why he wanted to be EGO president. There was actually no one running against him, but he did it anyway. And I believe there were like a total of 4 people in the room.

4. When he gets drunk, Minho talks….very….slowly.

5. He’s an only child and has been mothered for years. As a result, any girl he dates will need to tend to his every need. Ha – it’s true!

6. Once when we were in Tahoe for an MT, Minho cried. I don’t really remember the reason why, but it was funny.

I know it says 5 factoids, but the 6th one was just a good bonus. Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope your lives have all been enriched at Minho’s expense.  Feel free to leave a comment if you think I’ve left out anything that we should all know about him.

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Alright folks, this is the inaugural post. Andrew, Hayone and I – in our lame-ass late night delirium – decided that the best way to get you all to read this blog, is to write humiliating, funny things about one another.

So, we’re going to start with all the EGO presidents. That’s right. All those years of EGO minions revering you for your presidency status – are gone. Now you’re just an aging 20-something who is trying to pass time at work by reading this blog.

And the lucky guy who gets to be roasted-err, profiled – first is……drummmrooolll: Minho Kim.

STAY TUNED for a profile of Minho Kim (pres, 2002-03)….

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