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Hello xtcers. hope things are well with you, your loved ones, your pets, your favorite sports teams, your favorite celebrities, and your INVESTMENTS (if you still have any left).

Just wanted to send out another update on everyone from what i know about them. Hopefully, you guys can update with more detailed new if you could.

Me (Andrew): I just experienced one of the craziest snow storm in my life (12 inches of snow + ridiculous wind). Business school, for those interested in it, consumes your life in many different ways. It’s a huge investment, but so far, I think it was a good choice for me. Also, it looks like I will be in NYC for summer. Also, I will be going to Peru in less than 2 weeks. Looking forward to the trip.

Hojae: From what I gathered, I think he’s getting married. on May 3rd. in LA. Cheers! Congrats to Hojae and Anna.

Elisa: From my reliable sources, it looks like she’s stuck in library all the time. sounds fun and exciting.

Laeun: My close neighborhood. We go to same school, so I know he’s having good time in nyc just like me. we will be checking out nyuri (NYU poongmul pae) sometime soon. Will give out an update when I do.
Clara: I haven’t talk to her for awhile, so no idea what she’s up to. but i think she will do poongmul performance in April with UPENN folks. Good luck

Yeri: She will be applying medschool from her last update! Good luck! I’ve seen the work put into application and that looked very painful.

Ilho: From his update, he seems to be marching along in this tough economy as one of few working man contributing to our society. Good luck Ilho!

Bo: Just checked out her wedding pictures. She looks great! You guys should all check it out in facebook.

Sunmin: PhDing in Boston as usual. I don’t even want to visualize how cold it must have been in boston. I hear it’s colder than nyc.

Yangho: I know he’s in law school. gonna meet up this weekend (hopefully) and get some more update!

Albert: in Boston! Jennifer Park: in Boston!

Hayone: I think she just started her grad school few days ago in Korea. I am sure she will have great time in same school with Jaehong.

Moowon: I know he’s working real hard in korea, managing the family business. As with ilho, minho, hojae, … good luck. at least you are contributing to this society

Chaeyeon: I think she’s in her third year of med school in ucsd. wonder how things are?

Sunyoung: I just checked out her cyworld. Looks like she’s studying and working hard in LA. I miss the good old LA XTC parties…..

Hanzo: One of few remaining members in LA keeping things still exciting for folks around there.

Minho, Taylor (Hyunsun), Juney, : Haven’t talk to these folks for sometime. I wonder what’s going on?

Jaehong: PhDing in Korea. same school with hayone. i think they are gonna have some good time.

Oh… i think my lecture is finishing up. this is an amazingly boring class…..


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For those folks in west coast,

when was the last time you walked under the first snow?

It was last week for me.

it was GREAT!

hope to see you folks in LA soon.  heading there next week!

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Disclaimer – my update has nothing to do with the actual election.

Hi folks.

It’s been ridiculously busy last 3 months since I got here and i haven’t had a chance to update folks with what’s been happening here.

Right now, I am in a class and do not feel like listening to my account professor, so here are some pictures that i would want to share with you.  it’s mostly pictures of me.

To sum it up.  school work is avlot. (whoever said that MBA is easy has no idea about the workload i am dealing with).

As a consequence, when we party, we party real real real real hard!

and pictures from those parties are below.  (notice my new favorite t-shirts :with a picture of chickens!)

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Sunmin, Lauren, Andrew, Dohee, and I met up in new york last weekend to play.  We were only there for one night but we got a lot done, including:

  • watched Dohee perform at the DUMBO dance festival
  • ate Korean food
  • sake bar with Laeun and another EGOer I don’t remember his name. (no pics – sorry)
  • attended David Choe’s nyc show
  • and THIS is andrew trying to read us an essay he wrote about HIMSELF in  his super-senior year of college – it was in the program for CKS’ talent show that he and sunmin organized.  (long video, feel free to skip it)
  • and THIS is when things just devolved completely. hahaha..  we didn’t understand what he was saying but let him keep going for a loooong time.  Sunmin videotaped this so I don’t know why she chose to focus on his feet.
  • and here’s a pic of Sunmin when she was fresh-faced and in college (from the program that Andrew was reading out of)

alright that’s all – hope you enjoyed that.  i’m getting tired/bored of being the only blogger. hahaha.  someone else should update us on what the hell is going on in their life please.

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Hello EXTers,

It’s been a long time since I kept in touch with most of you. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I was last in Berkeley. Ah.. I miss the city, the people, and poongmul!! I moved out to DC from the boony NH last September and before I know, a year passed by!

I’ve been working at a small federal agency in DC, investigating chemical accidents in US. It’s not my dream job, but I have learned so much about politics, government functions, and policies.

Since I moved to DC, I also had several visitors: Clara unni, Yejin, Yangho, and Elisa. I live alone in a spacious one bedroom and visitors are always welcome!! I’m lonely out here~ come visit me ^0^. I won’t be around too long though, maybe fore another year, so plan your visit soon~

Lately, I’ve been getting ready to apply to grad school. Like many of us, working made me want to study more. haha.

Also!! I have a big big surprise for most of you!!

I am engaged! ^^ I will be getting married in Korea next summer. We are planning to have a wedding party at/near my place around new years, I will send out more information to you guys soon.

For some reason, my computer won’t let me post pictures. T T

So, if you are curious who I am getting married to, visit our wedding website to find out!! boandruofan.weddingwindow.com

I hope all of you can make to either my wedding or the party. I can’t wait till I catch up with you guys.

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Look who’s back contributing to the blog!  that is correct ladies and gents, the ancient Andrew is back here to tell you guys what’s kicking in nyc.

since the day I arrived in NYC on Aug 11th, there has beeen many rare natural events (hail, hurricane, … and some more) coupled by many visitors to the city including, Jennifer Park, Elisa Gahng, and most recently, Lae Un Kim.   See below an exhibit A.

As expected, life of MBA1 has been brutal.  Non-stop drinking was really happening.  so many faces and names to remember.  NYC never sleeps at night. Subways are either stink, crowded, or never there.

Still, almost a month into this new found home, I am discovering many things both small and large to love.

– 99cent pizza, $2.50 falafel at Moumon’s, $1 fried drumstick at ‘piece of chicken’

– Knowing I can always visit MoMA to see Gogh on Friday afternoon at no cost (it’s packed alright though)

– St. Mark’s place

– My awesome view of the city (check out the first picture)

– Random strangers singing and dancing at subway platforms. 

and the list gets longer and longer.

So, I am sending all of you an open invitation to visit me.  I may be busy, but my sofa-bed is not.  Only thing I would ask for is for any visitors to feed me.

I am a hungry and POOR student again.


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hi everyone, I just spent 4 hours cleaning out KYCC this afternoon and I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

It’s funny because it seems I’m going through a similar process at home as I am with KYCC – that is, trying to figure out what’s worth keeping and what is just dead weight during an impending massive move.

The only difference is that at home, I ask myself if I’ll need the item for the next year in DC.  At KYCC, I’ve been asking myself, “What should be left of KYCC for future people to remember?”

I cannot express to you how much crazy shit lays in the cracks and crevices of 4216 Telegraph (kycc’s address).  There is everything from moldy clothes and manjangs, to pg&e bills from 1992 and leftover beer cans from duipuri.

And as I created 2 mountainous piles, – 1 of items to keep, 1 of items to trash – I kept finding silly little things, like hand-written notes between old members during business meetings, that I wanted to keep even though I knew it was impractical.  But I knew that if I didn’t keep them, there will be no evidence that any of this – the people, the practices, long nights preparing for performances and crazy nights of drinking/singing thereafter – ever existed.

In the end, I didn’t keep much.  Every item upstairs, save a few boxes of photo, videos & artwork, is going to be hauled away to the junkyard on thursday.*  I even wanted to save that huge timeline that is plastered all over the wall in the sarang-bang, the one that shows KYCC’s activities ever year since 1987.  But I didn’t.

I didn’t even take anything as a memento for myself, because I don’t want to preserve the stuff, really.  I just want to somehow ensure that the imaginary people who will one day be curious about KYCC, know how crazy and kind of precious it all was – y’all know what I’m talking about; the spirit & energy that’s contained in those dirty broken-ass walls & leaky ceiling. haha.

Believe me, I’m not a sentimental person but seeing KYCC finally being hollowed out once and for all was pretty crazy.  It is definitely the end of something significant.

On the other hand, getting on my hands and knees to clean up rat shit reminded me that change can be a good thing.  🙂


*we’re keeping instruments & costumes.

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