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일단 다음주 월요일(28일) 저녁 7시에 강남에서 보는 걸로 정해졌습니다~

지금까지 오는거 확인된 사람:



빼놓은 사람 있나요?

암튼 그럼 그때 봅시다. 우리끼리 밥먹으러 갈만한 곳 아는 분은 미리미리 귀띔 부탁.
아참 그리고 양호오빠는 1월중에 휴가 나올거라고 하더군요; 그럼 그냥 그때들 모이면 될 듯..

다들 메리한 크리스마스~ 되시길^^


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My Daughter

Hello, y’all

Probably most of you already heard I recently became a father.  Well, here is the picture of my daughter. 

I’ve been hearing that she looks exactly like me and somewhat I do agree, dunno that’s fortunate or unfortunate for her, but if you take a close look at her she is very much like her mother in details.  Eyes, nose, lips… 

Anyway, her name is 태리 using 클 태:太 and 영리할 리:悧.  You might’ve guessed it, her English name will be Terry, short for Teresa.  I must say naming your baby is one tough task when the name need descent sound for both Korean and English.  Much thanks to her mom to come up with such wonderful name.  I wish I could had spent more time for the naming job but I just didn’t have enough time to do so.  I was on international business trip…  I will be posting more pictures, but I hope to get a chance to introduce her to you all in person soon. 

Alrighty, all of you have wonderful holidays now.  For this year I think I already got best Christmas gift I would ever get . ^-^ Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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XTC meeting in Korea

We had a meeting on June 5th at KangNam.

I think it was the biggest XTC meeting in Korea!!  I don’t remember exactly who were there, but I have a few pictures taken with my phone and I will share it with you. 


Sunmin nuna was here too!!  and Boyoung got those flowers from Junkyu hyung.  I felt like I have a lot to learn from him.. -.-a

another picture of Bo expressing happiness with the flowers~


Our next meeting is likely to be on July 4th, when Boyoung gets married!!   I’m hoping to see Minho & Yangho too..  Have a nice day, everyone.

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ILHO, Soon a Father

Hello all XTCers.

I guess all of your eyes are already widened from the title of this post.  Yes, I’m becoming a father, sometime in November of this year.  Like all life changing events that’s about to happen, I am not really feeling sense of reality that I’m gonna be a father, but yes it is going to happen soon.  It’s kinda funny though cause most you never even met my wife but next time you see me I’ll be holding a baby. 

 Anyway~ I already got many congrats from my colleagues and another funny thing is every female colleague gave nothing but just congrats, but many male colleagues gave congrats with various types of concern such as sleepless nights, pressure as a father, etc.  I guess I’ll be even more disconnected from the world when I have my son or daughter to take care of so these days I’m trying to see all of my friends when I can.   It’s fortunate that Liz noona’s wedding is coming soon.  I can’t wait to see her in wedding gown and all of you there!

One more thing.  Somehow I tend to post shocking news once in a while just right after elisa post something, ending up people not noticing elisa’s post, and I’m not going to let that happen this time.  Oh, I just realize there is another post below this post reading EGO is having their Spring Performance.  People, there are two more new posts below this.  Elisa seems eager to abuse her liver and EGO is about to bring best Spring Performance ever!!!  Help them out~~  I really wish I can. 🙂

 Cherry Blossom is fantastic in Korea right now.  I hope all of your life is spring season all the time.  Miss you all.

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poster finished

Hi all xtc sunbaenims,

First to introduce myself, my name is Minjung Baik, 4th year, majoring in political science, and I am the president of EGO this year (soon to be ex-president haha).  I made this account since fall semester but haven’t had a chance… or I was being overwhelmed with EGO work that this is the first time posting a thread.  =(   EGO this year has almost come to an end with our annual performance this April.  We have worked and are working very hard to put up a good show.  I would like to invite ALL the SUNBAENIMs to our performance.  I really should’ve sent out an email or posted a thread much much sooner… But PLEASE PLEASE come out to our performance and show us love and support!!



Annual Spring Performance 2009

by EGO, Cal’s Korean Traditional Drumming Group

Saturday, April 25, 2009 @ 4PM

@ Lower Sproul

FREE Outdoor Showcase of

Korean Trad. & fusion Drumming




Thank you,



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hello? hello?

is anyone out there?

well, if you ARE out there and still reading this blog intermittently, i’m writing to tell you bay area EGOers that I’ll be in san francisco/oakland for 2 weekends in May/June. So, I’d love to see/eat/drink with you in between my meetings and rehearsals if you have time!

I’ll be a VERY happy soul by then, having finished my first year of law school and aged about 10 years (but don’t tell me I look it) – so basically I’ll be in great spirits and looking forward to filling my under-used, un-loved, under-appreciated liver while I’m there. 🙂

as for XTC Korea … have a blast at liz’s wedding (did it happen yet??) and at boyoung’s wedding (those of you who’ll attend) and post some pictures!

oh, and I thought some of you would be pretty amused to hear that i SOMEHOW ended up on the KALSA board for next year. KALSA = korean american law students association. the amusing part is that KALSA is made up of many korean ahjushis (from korea) who are doing their LLM studies in the US. hahaha – there may be a bit of a language barrier…to say the least.

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during yesterday’s ’09-’10 EGO staff nominations…

minjung, the current president: “any nominations for next year’s sangswe?”

some freshman, in a very serious tone: “kent.”

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