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EGO on KBS America



p.s. YANGHO, MINKYUM, HANJO – remember when WE went to this??  hahahahaaaa….


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I was at KYCC this weekend cleaning out 21 years of STUFF and found this at the bottom of a random box:

Who is responsible for the penning of this masterpiece??  Fess up!  I like the dog, and the little people and their funny little bodies.  I also like that sunmin’s email address is practically still the same. haha.  Wow, can you imagine that this has been sitting in that box at KYCC for the last 8 years???  yes, I can….

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I guess many of us are in excitement for this year’s EGO spring performance.

Not being able to participate in any of the performance for the past 3~4 years, I just went through my cyworld to see what I did in EGO (I felt like I have performed in my dreams T.T;;) & post something on the blog,,  and found what seems to be the wells fargo (?) performance.  I only have pictures that I’m in..


we entered playing sun-ban & played samulnori, but I only played samulnori.  so no pictures of sun-ban~  haha  (I believe either cellist Chang Hanna or violinist Chang Sarah performed in Berkeley that night and I really wanted to see her!!)  I guess kyung-eun asked me to play janggo together and I borrowed Sam’s janggo and performed.  I think Sam couldn’t control his speed at that time and kyung-eun and minho got scared of Sam or something..

This is after the performance.  big, happy family~~

we always do this.  i feel sorry for bo.  here’s a picture of Bo & 3 guys. Bo wearing EGO t-shirt with berkeley mis-spelled.

and two drunk happy people

wow, this post is so random.  i wonder what happened last night & what will happen tomorrow afternoon.  btw, i asked soonkyu to go to the spring performance, so please welcome him. =)

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I went through everything in my hard drive (in order to find pictures related to EGO) and this is what I have : 2006 summer trip to Las Vegas~~

(image deleted OTL)

Clara was nice enough to pose for a picture before leaving.  She wanted to come early, but her boss wouldn’t let her go!!!!  so she had to eat dinner in the car.  (은미 부모님 차 넓고 좋았다~)  It took more than 2 hours to get to Andrew’s place, so it was quite late by the time we all met.

We arrived at Las Vegas around 3 am.  (and it was over 100 degrees -.-;;)  Elisa, who flew from Berkeley, was waiting for us in the room.  We were pretty tired by then so the only thing we did that night was taking the picture in the lobby.  (sorry for the blurry picture)


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It was few weeks before EGO’s Inaugural Spring Performence. 

As with all other student groups, we wanted to have essentials that make student events…well, student events.  T-shirts definitely made a list.

So, amongst great number of EGOers, we had to choose one that would be sold at the performence.  The selection committee was overwhelmed with number of entries, but we had to make a decision.

Sunyoung Oh Yeah, Yummy Food back then a little freshman girl, came up with the winning design.

The key point of the design was the left-right-flipped “E.”  As she put it then, “I wanted to have people look at the picture and ask ‘why is that “E” flipped?’  That way, I could explain the group, music, and culture around poongmul.”

I remember Sunmin and I just mesmorized and being awed. She was so cool! 

Later, we actually created “Man Jang” with that right-left-fliped “E” for the performence.


Now that I think of it. maybe she designed manjang first, then T-shirts.    Either way, that’s how our first T-shirts design was born.

The tragic end of this story is ….   T-shirts manufacturers never got to print the shirts for us and the design was never materalized….

Someday, we will print them.  We Will!!!!

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Okay folks. So as my supposed turn to write came around, I brainstormed and came up with this.  Remember those good old caking ceremonies that haunted you on your birthdays (or anyone else’s)? I dug up a bunch of pictures from my computer of those poor souls who were caked mercilessly. Let’s guess who’s hiding behind all the cream/frosting/who knows what. Some of them are easier than others, some, I don’t even know.

The first one’s a giveaway-although he does resemble Elijah Wood in Sin City very closely, he’s someone else.




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