… 이게 엇그제 같은데 다들 각자의 길을 걷고 있다니!?!

Class of 2010: 원종오빠, 경은언니, 래언!! 졸업축하해~!!!

얼마전에 준이도 MIT 석사 시작했다는 소식도 있었고~ 승준이도 보스톤에 있다고 하니

점점 동부 XTC가 늘어가는듯!! But we rarely meet up!

Before all the graduated parts to their ways, let’s get together!

도희언니 공연보러 백만년만에 모였을때 사진 ^^

이날 너무 바뻐서 남긴 사진은 딸랑 하나 ㅠ ㅠ

아, 그리고 6/18-7/4 한국에 가게 되었는데 올 여름 XTC 한국에서 안모이나??

양호면회도 같이 가고싶은데, 요즘 상황으로 봐선 힘들듯 싶고..

일호오빠 딸이랑 병훈오빠 아들도 보고싶고, 요즘 다들 어찌 지내는지 궁금!


I have a great news from Ian-woo oppa! 🙂
He was chosen to receive the Outstanding Young Researcher Award of the year by Association of Korean Physicists in America.

Here’s an excerpt from their newsletter:

“The committee has found all nominees very well educated, maintaining high levels of productivity and mentored in active groups in their respective fields of specialization. After detailed reviews of supporting documentation and thoughtful deliberation the Committee has arrived at Dr. Ian-Woo Kim as the 1020 OYRA winner.

Dr. Ian-Woo Kim works in the field of particle physics phenomenology. His workis in an area relevant to understanding of the connections between the theoretical physical models and wide ranged experimental observations including future observations anticipated in the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC).”


Spring Showcase 2010!

안녕하세요 선배민들! 요즘에 잘 지내시죠?? ^^

I know you all have been curious as to what we have in store this year! Sorry, it took so long to announce this, but finally! The theme, poster, and lineup has been finalized and announced today!

As stated in our Facebook event page, the event will take place Saturday, April 24th, 2010 in Dwinelle 145. Doors will open at 1:30PM. Refreshments, snacks, and tshirts/hoodies will be respectively provided and sold during intermission.

We hope that many of our sunbaenims will be able to come to our performance this year! We worked really hard all year to produce a new fresh lineup that you all will hopefully be proud of. Please let us know if you will be coming! That way we can reserve front row seats for you all. (;

Best and cheers from Cal!

New Years Update!

안녕하세요 XTC 선배님들!

이고 회장 자리 지금 맞고 있는 김나연 입니다. 선배님들 새해 복 많이많이 받으세요! 이번 2010 여러분 대박대박 되시길 … ^^

We have finalized our Spring Performance date, and it will be April 24th, 2010! I’ll keep you posted on our theme and lineup this year; it will be decided at our next GM this coming Thursday with our members. 🙂

Anyone in town during February 12th to the 15th? We will also be holding our annual Hell MT on  February 13th! It should be a fun, intense day with Dwipuri afterwards, so if you’re in town, please come by! ^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Also! If anyone is interested in EGO’s hoodies/tshirts this year, please leave a comment or email me at mariakim[at]berkeley(dot)edu. I’ll be posting again soon with the new design, but for now just wanted to give you all a heads up. ^^*

Lastly, for our Facebook users, we have a new Page on Facebook that has an not only a video archive of our past performances and a soon to be organized collection of photos, but also an easier way for us to update and reach out to our community! Our Facebook Group will remain the same, but the Group will be more member-oriented, while our Page will be more community/campus-oriented. Please become our fan and spread the love word! ^^

I hope everyone got a fantastic start for 2010!
여태까지 이고를 지켜봐주셔서 감사드리고요
계속 우리를 많이많이 사랑해주세요! ^^


한국 XTC 연말모임 Update~

일단 다음주 월요일(28일) 저녁 7시에 강남에서 보는 걸로 정해졌습니다~

지금까지 오는거 확인된 사람:



빼놓은 사람 있나요?

암튼 그럼 그때 봅시다. 우리끼리 밥먹으러 갈만한 곳 아는 분은 미리미리 귀띔 부탁.
아참 그리고 양호오빠는 1월중에 휴가 나올거라고 하더군요; 그럼 그냥 그때들 모이면 될 듯..

다들 메리한 크리스마스~ 되시길^^

My Daughter

Hello, y’all

Probably most of you already heard I recently became a father.  Well, here is the picture of my daughter. 

I’ve been hearing that she looks exactly like me and somewhat I do agree, dunno that’s fortunate or unfortunate for her, but if you take a close look at her she is very much like her mother in details.  Eyes, nose, lips… 

Anyway, her name is 태리 using 클 태:太 and 영리할 리:悧.  You might’ve guessed it, her English name will be Terry, short for Teresa.  I must say naming your baby is one tough task when the name need descent sound for both Korean and English.  Much thanks to her mom to come up with such wonderful name.  I wish I could had spent more time for the naming job but I just didn’t have enough time to do so.  I was on international business trip…  I will be posting more pictures, but I hope to get a chance to introduce her to you all in person soon. 

Alrighty, all of you have wonderful holidays now.  For this year I think I already got best Christmas gift I would ever get . ^-^ Merry Christmas and happy new year!

정말 얼마만에 올리는 글인지 이게…다들 잘 지내시나요.
며칠전에 몇몇분은 성모병원에서 뵈었지만.

암튼 한국 XTC지부~ 연말에 모여야죠??
다들 언제 시간되요?? 전 이번주는 좀 바쁜데, 토요일부터 담주는 다 시간 있음.
만나면 뭐할건지도 좀 생각해 봅시다. 올만에 피터지게 white elephant? ㅋㅋ

그리고 우리의 영원한 욘사마 ㅋ 양호오빠 면회도 언제 가자고요.
오빠 요즘 보니까 인터넷 매일 하던데. ㄱ-;; 부대도 완전 인 서울;;;;
얼마전 싸이에 방명록 남겼더니

“면회 올 수 있으면 대박이지!! ^^
면회는 토요일, 일요일에만 할 수 있고,
아침 9시30부터 오후 4시반까지 할 수 있어. ㅋㅋ
날짜만 미리 알려주면 완전 들떠서 기다리고 있을께! ”


그리고 가는 방법은 (역시 오빠 싸이 발췌)

서울 은평구 구산역 또는 연신내역에서
“서오릉” 방향으로 오다가
서오릉을 지나고 용두 사거리에 도달하기 전에
“육군XX부대”라는 표지를 따라오면 됨.
(XX는 행주대첩을 이끈 한국의 명장.
보안상 더 자세하게 쓰면 안된다고 하네요 =_=)
면회 시간은: 토요일/일요일/공휴일 09:00-16:30까지.
위병소에서 보급수송대 이병 신양호를 찾으러 왔다고 하시면 됨.

연말이 힘들면 1월중에 한번 모여서 가는 거 다들 어떰??
의견 얼른 주셔서 모여서 가도록 합시다~~

ps. 일호오빠는 얼른 이쁜 딸내미 사진을 XTC 홈피에 공개하라~~공개하라~
(난 이미 싸이로 봤음 ㅋㅋ)